New for 2019…

BANDIT – Cord Clip and Laptop Rest

Using high-quality silicone with amazing shape-memory, BANDIT flexes to fit a variety of cables from your phone and laptop.

Once your laptop is set up, tuck BANDIT underneath to air cool the CPU and enjoy a more ergonomic angle.

Available in a convenient 2 pack and four classy colors.

Available Colours


New for 2019…

LIFT tags your phone to the laptop

to create a single, easy-to-see display.

Now, all the unique features of the phone like messages, video calls and social media are conveniently in view while you focus on the main laptop screen.

LIFT uses non-scratch silicone and innovative pressure pads to attach securely and quickly, turning two amazing devices into one smooth user experience.

Available Colours


New for 2019…

Nothing on the market like it!

 EKKO is designed for you.

Once attached to a smooth surface in the home, EKKO becomes a safe phone dock that continues the conversation while you’re cooking, doing make-up or getting dressed. Perfect for podcasts and music.

There’s more.

EKKO uses a unique phone shelf to keep the speakers clear while the concave natural amplifier provides up to 10 decibels more sound.

And EKKO is a breeze to use. Just slide any phone into place without having to clamp or tighten. The innovative design lets the sound out and the charging cord in.

Available Colours


ORBIT reimagines how we charge the iPhone.

With an inventive use of space, ORBIT organizes the Apple 5W adapter and one-meter charge cord inside a slim, portable disk while protecting the electronic components from stress.

When it’s time to charge the iPhone, ORBIT attaches to the outlet so the phone is held safely off the floor or counter top.

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“I like ORBIT a lot…you really can’t go wrong.”

“ORBIT is an iPhone cord organizer with a surprise.”   The Gadgeteer




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One second that’s all it takes for TWIG to keep your EarPods tangle-free.

Unlike other cord organizers, TWIG is designed to slide easily between its resting position at chest level and a locking position at both earbuds. 

This quick adjustment allows your cords to be simply stowed in a bag or pocket tangle free – with no need for winding.  Set TWIG once, wear it and store it. 

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“TWIG IS A MUST – you won’t know how you lived without it.”   Winnipeg Free Press

“TWIG IS SO EASY TO USE. Get one.  Buy several.  People will want them.”

TWIG carries U.S. Patent No. D741,152

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Available Colours


ION is designed to disappear.

After conveniently holding your phone to watch a show or keep tabs on social media, ION can instantly transform into a thin, credit-card shape that hides in your wallet until it’s needed again.

  • ION provides a simple, clean design and a satisfying “click” when opened from it’s storage position.
  • Perfect for travel, coffee shop browsing or alongside your laptop.
  • Check out the video on the LEFT…

“ION is one of those gadgets you didn’t know you needed till you had one.”                     Winnipeg Free Press

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Available Colours

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